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Abbey Log Cabins - About us

Abbey Log Cabins are a small family run company based in Colne Lancashire. We pride ourselves in providing a personal approach to dealing with our customers, especially giving advice on the types of materials to use and also on how to prepare the base for the Log Cabin.

We have photographs of previous installations of log cabins, which can be emailed to you or shown in hard copy form. Come and look at our show cabin, we are certain that you will be impressed by the quality of the timber that is used and of course the quality of the construction. The show cabin is the Glastonbury (one of our most popular cabins) and is in Colne Lancashire, please email  

Abbey Log Cabins is a small company, our overheads are low, so we provide quality Log Cabins at a very good price. Our cabins are not "garden sheds" they are quality constructed buildings. Why not enhance your garden with a Log Cabin that has many uses ..............

Bespoke Residential Log Cabins

Our "Designer Range" of bespoke Log Cabins are manufactured by time served craftsmen in Slovakia. They have been manufacturing Residential Log Cabins for over 50 years and have many thousands of Timber Houses built throughout Europe.

Timber for the Log Cabins

The timber used is Central European Spruce, it is very different from the Spruce found in the UK because of the climate in which it is grown. These trees are from the Orava area of Slovakia and endure temperatures of minus 40 degrees in winter and plus 40 degrees in summer. Before the trees are felled, they are checked with a Giga Counter, which is to ensure that the timber is not contaminated with radiation. This has been our standard practice for the last 25 years because of the strict demands of the Germanic and Swedish markets. This was even before the disaster of Chernobyl, which caused widespread radiation contamination of trees, but not in the Orava area. 

The trees are only felled in the months of October, November and December because then the sap has stopped flowing in the tree. This timber will then provide a very stable and shrink free Log Cabin, also along with the natural beauty of the Central European Spruce. The Orava area has seen its trees used for house building for hundreds of years, but Orava is still an outstandingly beautiful area, this is because the area is managed by the people and replanting goes on constantly, it is their way of life.


We operate in the following areas UK England Scotland Wales Great Britian Aberdeenshire Angus Argyll & Bute Armagh Ayrshire Bedfordshire Berkshire Borders Buckinghamshire Cambridgeshire Carmarthenshire Ceredigion Cheshire Conwy Cornwall Cumbria Denbighshire Derbyshire Devon Dorset Dumfries & Galloway Durham Essex Fermanagh Fife Flintshire Glamorgan Gloucestershire Greater Glasgow Gwent Gwynedd Hampshire Herefordshire Hertfordshire Highlands Kent Lancashire Lanarkshire Leicestershire Lincolnshire Greater London Londonderry Lothian Greater Manchester Merseyside Moray Northamptonshire Northumberland Norfolk Nottinghamshire Orkney & Shetland Oxfordshire Pembrokeshire Perth & Kinross Powys Shropshire Somerset & Avon Staffordshire Stirlingshire Suffolk Surrey Sussex Tyne & Wear Tyrone Warwickshire Western Isles West Midlands Wiltshire Worcestershire Wrexham Yorkshire

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Abbey Log Cabins

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